Innovations for assessing
marine biodiversity

Innovative technology

At Anemo Robotics we develop both hardware and software to create the best solution for biodiversity monitoring

Professional underwater cameras

We are building professional cameras to work underwater, up to 40 meters, to capture species living around offshore structures.

AI Fish detection software

Our biggest asset is the development of an AI platform capable of detecting species and assessing the change in biodiversity throughout the years.

Our cameras in action!

Check out our pilot tests footages in Samsø, Denmark

We aim to be on every man-made offshore structure

By partnering with us, developers can promote sustainability and meet regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing our clients with technology that can be utilized for making informed decisions, enabling them to be good stewards of the ocean.

Best University Start-Up in Denmark

Venture Cup Denmark awarded the Anemo Robotics project with Best University Start-Up in Denmark of 2023. Anemo Robotics also received the best Green University Start-Up as well as the Audience Award

Meet the team!

We are a multidisciplinary team from DTU

Nejc Novak

Mechanical Engineer

Maria Bakali

Business Development
Mechanical & Industrial Engineer

Simon Madsen

AI & Data Specialist
Data Science

Biel Fernandez Marti

Product Development
IT Engineer

Matthias Rötzer

AI & Data Specialist
Earth & Space Physics Engineer

Our achievements

Thrughout our jurney we have made impressive steps!

Client Relationship

We have developed an excelent relationship with clients such as ARC Marine.

Succesful Pilot Tests

We have succesfully performed multiple tests in Denmark and the UK.

Soft Funding

Anemo Robotics has received more than 600.000 DKK in soft funding in less than a year.

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